Chevaun + Nathan + Cruz in utero

As you may or may not know I have been a little busy of late making my own tiny human but that doesn’t excuse how long it has taken me to share these photo with you all.  This beautiful family has been a busier household themselves of late after  Cruz arrived in June.  What an adorable little man he is and it has been such a pleasure to see the joy he has brought his proud parents.  I am so thrilled for them all.  Chevaun and Nathan chose to have these photos taken on their first wedding anniversary.  She was 29 weeks through her pregnancy  and they didn’t know whether they would be meeting a little girl or a little boy.  Chevaun looked absolutely incredible as I’m sure the whole world would agree and with genetics from these two of course Cruz was already one good looking kid.  Thank you Chevaun and Nathan for choosing me to photograph such a special time in your lives.  I know it’s always hard to imagine that the gorgeous, noisy, happy, playful, son of yours was once on the inside so I hope these photos remind you of that miracle time in your lives.

Kirsty + Ben got married | 31.05.2013

Kirsty and Ben were married at Cedar Creek Estate at Mt Tamborine and I have to say it would have to be my all time favourite venue!  It really is it the most picturesque surroundings at any time of year but as you will see from the photos, Autumn is pretty spectacular!  On this particular day we were very blessed with the weather that had cleared just at the right times which was an added bonus! Kirsty and Ben are such a lovely couple who met at work and kept their dating secret from their work colleagues for a while.  I am sure that as soon as all was revealed, many had probably suspected and realised that these two really compliment each other.  I am so thrilled to have been able to capture Kirsty and Ben’s wedding.  I look forward to capturing more milestones for you in the future.  Thanks Kirsty for putting up with the freezing cold to take photos at the lookout.  From having seen the photos you know it was totally worth it!

Flowers: Bridal Wedding Flowers

Hair + MakeUp: Signature Creations

Ceremony + Reception Venue:  Cedar Creek Estate


Bec + Rob got married 10.05.2013

Bec and Rob were married at the beautiful venue Tiffany’s at Maleny.  What an amazing location for a super sweet couple.  It was a wonderful celebration with their family and friends travelling up the mountain to enjoy witnessing Bec and Rob becoming husband and wife.  The weather was literally four seasons in one day with lots of rain, some spectacular sunshine, the warmth of the sun and then the cold mountain air that added to the atmosphere of such a cosy reception.  The periods of rain also brought with it a huge amount of cloud and so for many guests they didn’t even know the spectacular views of the Glasshouse Mountains that were normally visible from the quaint little chapel at Tiffany’s.  We were so blessed with the weather for the bridal party photo shoot despite the fact that we spent some time in cloud ourselves!  Bec & Rob are so very much in love and are so sweet together.  Their bridal party were heaps of fun as well which added to a fantastic day had by all.  Thanks so very much Bec and Rob for choosing me to record these memories for you.  It has been such an honour to get to know you both and share your wedding day.

Natalie + Jarrod + Isabelle’s Bump

Natalie & Jarrod were excitedly expecting the arrival of their first baby a few weeks ago.  They had no idea what gender this baby was but everyone knew how loved this baby really was.  I am so pleased to announce that the adorable Isabelle Charlotte was born in the last couple of weeks and I am sure it is hard for Natalie & Jarrod to even imagine life before she made it earthside.  I think that’s just one of the reasons why I have been loving doing maternity shoots lately.  It is such a special time and really does go so quickly and then you are holding that baby in your arms and you try and remind yourself that this perfect little human was actually on the inside of their mother’s body.  What an absolute miracle it is!!  This particular little girl is going to be surrounded by so many people that love her and also surrounded by the most beautiful stylish toys, clothes, decor and pretty much everything!  Her mum Natalie is the amazing woman behind Love In October that I have worked with on a few projects.  She has such amazing style and you can check out her work on her blog here.  Congratulations Natalie & Jarrod.  I can’t wait to watch your daughter grow.


April turns TWO

Our little ray of sunshine turned two today!  It’s really quite hard to believe it.  She is such a star in our lives and amazes us everyday with how much she has developed.  She is talking so much now (well she is our child and anyone who knows Aaron and I knows we talk……a lot!) She is just growing up before our eyes.  Somedays we look at her and look at each other and remark that “she looks so much older today”.  I guess it’s inevitable but as a parent you don’t want it to happen too quickly!!  Everyday seems to bring more excitement for us and for her.  She loves talking in the third person which amuses us so much.  “April’s milky time!” after dinner and a bath, “April watch Play School” at 9:30 am,  “April read books” to which we reply “Yes darling lets read some books” which is always quickly followed by April saying “two, three, four books!!”  She loves her collection of animals that have their own house in her room, her babies are her other favourite friends and of course “April loves cake!” (well most food really) What a special day today has been marking the two years since April joined us earthside and of course she had a wonderful day because there was cake!

April, how can we ever explain the joy you bring us?  It really is impossible. Thank you for being a part of our family.  We waited so long for you and you are so deeply loved…….a love that can never be measured.  Happy 2nd birthday darling girl  xxx

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