Blayke | Portrait (part 1)

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Blayke last week.  She is such an energetic girl with tonnes of personailty (as you will see from the photos!)  Blayke just loves dressing up and having fun and I had so much fun taking photos of her and her lovely mum.  There are so many amazing photos from this portrait that I need to do two stories here.  You will have to come back to see part two tomorrow.  Blayke looked so adorable in her outfits and leading up to this shoot I heard that the day the tutu was purchased, Blayke wouldn’t even take it off to go to sleep.  How cute!  Thank you Blayke and Cheryl for a wonderful afternoon.  I’m so very sorry the bugs ate you but I’m sure you will think it was worth it when you see these photos.


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  1. Aj

    I have a soft spot for red head girls, and this one is such a cutie. Great job, I want to go to the park now!

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