April turns TWO

Our little ray of sunshine turned two today!  It’s really quite hard to believe it.  She is such a star in our lives and amazes us everyday with how much she has developed.  She is talking so much now (well she is our child and anyone who knows Aaron and I knows we talk……a lot!) She is just growing up before our eyes.  Somedays we look at her and look at each other and remark that “she looks so much older today”.  I guess it’s inevitable but as a parent you don’t want it to happen too quickly!!  Everyday seems to bring more excitement for us and for her.  She loves talking in the third person which amuses us so much.  “April’s milky time!” after dinner and a bath, “April watch Play School” at 9:30 am,  “April read books” to which we reply “Yes darling lets read some books” which is always quickly followed by April saying “two, three, four books!!”  She loves her collection of animals that have their own house in her room, her babies are her other favourite friends and of course “April loves cake!” (well most food really) What a special day today has been marking the two years since April joined us earthside and of course she had a wonderful day because there was cake!

April, how can we ever explain the joy you bring us?  It really is impossible. Thank you for being a part of our family.  We waited so long for you and you are so deeply loved…….a love that can never be measured.  Happy 2nd birthday darling girl  xxx

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