Natalie + Jarrod + Isabelle’s Bump

Natalie & Jarrod were excitedly expecting the arrival of their first baby a few weeks ago.  They had no idea what gender this baby was but everyone knew how loved this baby really was.  I am so pleased to announce that the adorable Isabelle Charlotte was born in the last couple of weeks and I am sure it is hard for Natalie & Jarrod to even imagine life before she made it earthside.  I think that’s just one of the reasons why I have been loving doing maternity shoots lately.  It is such a special time and really does go so quickly and then you are holding that baby in your arms and you try and remind yourself that this perfect little human was actually on the inside of their mother’s body.  What an absolute miracle it is!!  This particular little girl is going to be surrounded by so many people that love her and also surrounded by the most beautiful stylish toys, clothes, decor and pretty much everything!  Her mum Natalie is the amazing woman behind Love In October that I have worked with on a few projects.  She has such amazing style and you can check out her work on her blog here.  Congratulations Natalie & Jarrod.  I can’t wait to watch your daughter grow.


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