Evi + Jason got Married 18.08.13

Today is the 18th day of  August in the year 2014. It has been one year, or 12 months, or 52 weeks or 365 days since two very, VERY special people wed. Jason is my brother in law and Evi is the sister in law we had all been waiting for.  She came into Jason’s life and our lives and we were never going to let her leave. Evi is a shining light, a beautiful woman both inside and out and it has to be mentioned that we have an even closer family bond after she caught our son Hunter when he decided to turn a family BBQ  Into an accidental home birth. I will be forever grateful, thank you Evi. Jason and Evi’s wedding was a day filled with so much emotion with lots and lots of fun and laughter and certainly a few tears of joy. The details of the day were so beautifully personal. One of my favourite details were Evi’s grandparents hand written love letters being used as the lavender confetti cones and even the vintage lace around the mason jars with beautiful flowers, oh and the super cute stamp inside the gifts of books for all their guests.  So many wonderful parts of such a wonderful day celebrating with our family & their friends. And I can’t forget that the cutest of flower girls, our daughter April, was asked to join her cousin Harper in walking down the aisle, which did turn into a run and a drag of each other! Thank you Jason and Evi for sharing your love and devotion to each other with the rest of us.  Your relationship is inspiring to others and we wish for you to have all the happiness in the world delivered to you.  Happy 1st anniversary xxx


Cuerel_02Cuerel_03 Cuerel_04 Cuerel_05 Cuerel_06 Cuerel_07 Cuerel_08 Cuerel_09 Cuerel_10JasonEviCuerel_12 Cuerel_13 Cuerel_14 Cuerel_15 Cuerel_16 Cuerel_17 Cuerel_18 Cuerel_19 Cuerel_20 Cuerel_23 Cuerel_24 Cuerel_25 Cuerel_26

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  1. Robyne

    Beautiful Jen…You are a beautiful hearted person..X

  2. Olivia Fens

    Absolutely stunning photos Jenny!

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