Laurie + Boris were Married 15.08.2015

I really can not believe that Laurie and Boris were married a year ago today!  I should have blogged this ages ago but as usual I put off my blogging because I never feel like I would have adequate words to describe the incredible people I am lucky enough to photograph!  Hopefully the images themselves express the love and laughter that occurred at the incredible venue that is Gabbinbar Homestead in Toowoomba.  People travelled from the other side of the world to celebrate the fact that years earlier Laurie (who is French) scored a waitressing job in a cafe owned by Boris (who is Serbian) while she was traveling around Australia on a working visa.  They met, they fell in love, they traveled, lived overseas together, endured a long distance relationship for a little while and after 10 years together became engaged. Their wedding was truly a joining of two families but their friendship group are so entwined that it was one of the biggest party celebrations I think I have ever witnessed!  Boris’ dad rocked out on guitar and Laurie’s dad was jamming on the drums during a reception of epic proportions!  A year on Laurie and Boris will soon be welcoming a new little person to their lives and I can not send them enough best wishes of love, happiness and laughter for always and forever.

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