Ashlee + Tyson were Married 14.12.2015

Ashlee & Tyson have just returned from a month in Europe where it looks like they have been having an amazing adventure.  The weather looks as though it has been an extreme contrast where they have been enjoying the snow as opposed to the warm summer day in December when they exchanged their vows.

Flaxton Gardens is a stunning venue not too far from the Maleny/Montville in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.  Just down the road the beautiful home called Flaxton Grove was a picturesque backdrop for the girls to get ready and also where we did most of the bridal party photos.  A massive thank you to Ashlee & Tyson and their very willing bridal party for heading out in to the long grass in the paddock out the back!  I think there were a few cobblers pegs brought back in but it was worth it for some amazing photos of course!  Everyone who has been “tortured” by me for photos knows that I do sometimes ask people to do some not so “normal wedding day adventures” and I appreciate everyone for going along with my crazy ideas!  What a fantastic day!  There were so many laughs, some tears from the mother of the groom as Tyson is the third of her three sons to marry, and some spectacular dancing!  The adorable group of FIVE flower girls made the day that little bit more special!

Thank you Ashlee & Tyson for choosing me to capture your wedding day.  Plus on a side note it’s the first time I have ever had an MC announce my car registration due to a flat tyre in the car park!  Sorry about that!  But a huge thank you to my pit crew made up of Tyson’s two brothers, Ashlee’s brother and Tyson’s dad who helped me out.  You guys are champions!  Thank you!

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