Claire + Michael 21.08.2016

Claire and Michael are celebrating their 1st anniversary today and so it seems that it takes me that long to do a blog post of people’s weddings!  Between photographing weddings, portraits and juggling running my business and my home life with my husband and two kids, time just seems to disappear!  It is crazy to think that one whole year ago I was squealing with excitement getting to see Claire as the most stunning bride (having only met her that day!) and realising what great taste Michael had in not only women but also suits!  He had chosen the fabric and had it made (all to be a surprise for Claire!) After being away in Mt Isa for work, away from family and some friends, Claire and Michael were now going to have an amazing time celebrating with their nearest and dearest!  Unlike most married couples honeymoon time, Claire had to head back to Mt Isa to finish the school year before they relocated back in Brisbane.  They ordered their gorgeous wedding album and I hope they enjoy reliving their super fun day!  Thank you Claire and Michael for trusting me to capture the festivities, the dress, the suit, the cutest car ever and all the love shared by your amazing families.

Criaco_01 Criaco_02 Criaco_03 Criaco_04 Criaco_05 Criaco_06 Criaco_07 Criaco_08 Criaco_09 Criaco_10 Criaco_11 Criaco_12 Criaco_13 Criaco_14 Criaco_15 Criaco_16 Criaco_17 Criaco_18 Criaco_19 Criaco_20 Criaco_21 Criaco_22 Criaco_23 Criaco_24 Criaco_25 Criaco_26 Criaco_27



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