Sue & Walker | Pregnancy Portrait

I can’t believe I am posting these photos now when already the tiny baby boy that features on the inside of Sue in these photos is already now on the outside!!  Little Enzo made his entrance quite a few weeks early and I can’t wait to meet him when he makes it home from the hospital.  I know your Mum and Dad were so very keen to meet you Enzo and I know that it is going to be amazing for them to look at these photos and remember these special times.  These two are such a cute couple together.  Walker was so helpful getting Sue in and then out of the trees, up and down off the couch, up and down the stairs!  He couldn’t stop touching Sue’s belly and you can just see the excitement on his face can’t you?  I am sure they are in new parent bliss as I post this.  Congratulations Sue and Walker and I can’t wait to meet Enzo very soon.


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