Chevaun + Nathan + Cruz in utero

As you may or may not know I have been a little busy of late making my own tiny human but that doesn’t excuse how long it has taken me to share these photo with you all.  This beautiful family has been a busier household themselves of late after  Cruz arrived in June.  What an adorable little man he is and it has been such a pleasure to see the joy he has brought his proud parents.  I am so thrilled for them all.  Chevaun and Nathan chose to have these photos taken on their first wedding anniversary.  She was 29 weeks through her pregnancy  and they didn’t know whether they would be meeting a little girl or a little boy.  Chevaun looked absolutely incredible as I’m sure the whole world would agree and with genetics from these two of course Cruz was already one good looking kid.  Thank you Chevaun and Nathan for choosing me to photograph such a special time in your lives.  I know it’s always hard to imagine that the gorgeous, noisy, happy, playful, son of yours was once on the inside so I hope these photos remind you of that miracle time in your lives.

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