Jill + James got Married 07.03.2015

Jill + James.  Super nice.  Very cool. Ridiculously Good Looking. Salsa dancing extraordinaires. The most wonderful human beings you could ever meet.  Jill + James were married in Kingscliff in Northern NSW and had their reception at the awesome Babalou.  A great bunch of people came to celebrate with them and witness them vowing to spend the rest of their lives together.  Jill and James are facing a different first year of marriage than most couples as Jill is actually now serving with Doctors Without Borders in Sudan and will be there for nine months.  I am in awe of this woman as she is not only beautiful on the outside but equally the inside with her ability as a doctor and her amazing dedication to use her knowledge to help people that are far worse off than ourselves.  Thank you Jill for your service, to do something that not everyone could (or even would) do, and thank you to James for sharing your amazing wife with a world that needs her.  This world would be a far better place if there was more people like you two.   Thank you for allowing me to be in your presence and sharing your wedding day with me.  It truly is an honour.

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  1. Tracey Ramsay

    Thank you Jenny for such beautiful memories of a wonderful day. The photos capture the emotion of the day perfectly.

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