Jade + Adam were married 29.11.2014

You may remember the gorgeous Jade and Adam I photographed a little while ago for their engagement photos.  These two are so sweet and so in love!  Jade and Adam were married at the spectacular Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast.  I arrived to the excitement of the girls enjoying their pampering by the very talented John & Kathy, owners of Salon Nook.  There was such a buzz happening in the room and made even more special by the fact that Jade’s grandmother was there.  She had made the solo trip over from South Africa to join in the festivities! Jade was so excited to have the back of her wedding dress photographed as that was the bit she looooved!  I loved it too but Jade looked incredible from every angle!  The boys scrubbed up nicely as well and they really were not given an easy time due the above average heat we were experiencing in November, plus me then making them leave the air conditioned hotel to use some other locations for photos.  Adam said “If it was you would you do it?” My answer was of course yes!  The long grass that we had planned to use had been cut to about 5cm (aaaarrrrgh!!  I was devastated!) but I managed to get some really great variety in the photos for Jade and Adam to look back on in years to come.  I had the pleasure of being joined by a lovely videographer Madie from Mad Rose Films.  I have just watched the video on her website and its beautiful.  Jade and Adams wedding reception was amazing!  The room was spectacular, the details were wonderful, the lolly bar smelled so divine the guests could not stay away from it and the live band created such a great atmosphere.  For me one of the highlights were the speeches which were so heartfelt.  There were tears, there was laughter, there was a selfie from the brides siblings at the start of their speech  🙂 , there was total admiration for a truly special couple whose careers in the health industry are a reflection on their caring natures.  Then came the dancing.  Jade and Adam held each other tight, stared in each others eyes and I hope the rest of the room disappeared for them in that moment.  Then I got to capture Jade dancing with her dad, her brother dancing with their grandmother and a beautiful series of photos of Adam dancing with his mum.  I love photographing weddings and the connections between people.  Thank you so much Jade and Adam for choosing me to photograph yours.

Jade&AdamBlog_01 Jade&AdamBlog_02 Jade&AdamBlog_03 Jade&AdamBlog_04 Jade&AdamBlog_05 Jade&AdamBlog_06 Jade&AdamBlog_07 Jade&AdamBlog_08 Jade&AdamBlog_09 Jade&AdamBlog_10 Jade&AdamBlog_11 Jade&AdamBlog_12 Jade&AdamBlog_13 Jade&AdamBlog_14 Jade&AdamBlog_15 Jade&AdamBlog_16 Jade&AdamBlog_17 Jade&AdamBlog_18 Jade&AdamBlog_19 Jade&AdamBlog_20 Jade&AdamBlog_21 Jade&AdamBlog_22 Jade&AdamBlog_23 Jade&AdamBlog_24 Jade&AdamBlog_25 Jade&AdamBlog_26 Jade&AdamBlog_27 Jade&AdamBlog_28 Jade&AdamBlog_29

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  1. Fabiola

    What a wonderful wedding, the couple look so happy and in love.
    Pity that we could not make the wedding. Uncle James and Fabs

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