Loralie + Robert were married 02.01.2013

Today marks the day that Loralie and Robert chose to commit themselves to each other forever.  Happy 1st wedding anniversary!  I hope that every day since you wed has brought you as much love and happiness as your wedding day.  I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph Loralie and Rob’s wedding in Perth.  I have been blessed to know Loralie’s family for many years now having worked with her beautiful sister Merryn.  My own family and I made the trip from the east coast to the west coast of our country and was so welcomed by all their family that had converged from many facets of the globe.  This brings to mention the very cool idea featuring maps as an integral part of their lives (well Rob’s anyway being a helicopter pilot) and their wedding.  I loved the idea of their guests “leaving their mark”on a map of the world instead of a guest book.  I also loved that they explained “Why Maps” which stated that “Rob loves maps and thinks their perspective makes sense of the world” and “Loralie thinks maps are pretty and colourful”  Thank you so much Loralie and Robert for giving me the opportunity to put a pin into Perth on the map of places my family have been.  I wish you two all the best for your future and many adventures together and with your families.  Lots of love to you all.  Happy anniversary Loralie and Robert!Handasyde01 Handasyde02 Handasyde03 Handasyde04 Handasyde05 Handasyde06 Handasyde07 Handasyde08 Handasyde09 Handasyde10 Handasyde11 Handasyde12 Handasyde13 Handasyde14 Handasyde15 Handasyde16 Handasyde17 Handasyde18 Handasyde19 Handasyde20 Handasyde21 Handasyde22 Handasyde23 Handasyde24 Handasyde25 Handasyde26 Handasyde27 Handasyde28 Handasyde29 Handasyde30


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  1. Loralie

    Thanks Jenny for your lovely photos of our day, we are so happy to have such beautiful memories captured by you. Best choice of photographer! Thanks for being so professional on the day and still letting us have so much fun!

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