Katie + Dan were married 23.02.2013 part one

Katie & Dan were married at home in front of family and friends on an absolutley glorious day in February.  Everyone knows that the weather in south east queensland has been pretty atrocious over the last few weeks/months without there being too many days where it hasn’t at least rained a bit or absolutley poured.  Leading up to Katie & Dan’s wedding, too many days to count had passed by without anyone actually getting see the sun!  There had been horrendous storms and even the night before their wedding they lost power for a few hours!  On Saturday the 23rd of February Katie and Dan woke to blue sky!  I am sure they were thrilled but equally so were everyone who knows these two and me included!  The sun certainly shone down for these two gorgeous people to profess their love and become husband and wife in front of their guests and their beloved Ollie.  Katie looked absolutley stunning, Dan very handsome and their little man Ollie with his bow tie on looked super cute too. I can’t wait to share with your the incredible photos of Dan & Katie that I took just in their driveway and neighbouring streets.  What fantastic locations for a wonderful couple on an amazing day!


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